Horticulture Accessories

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Coir Nursery Pots

These coir fibre pots used in horticulture nurseries are highly porous to enable the lateral root to get air prone.Being 100% bio-degradable, there is no need to remove the pots before planting. It's the real substitutes for plastic nursery bags and grow bags.

Top Dia        Bottom Dia        Height

5cm             3cm                    5cm
6cm             4cm                    6cm
8cm             5cm                    8cm
8cm             5cm                    10cm
10.5cm        5cm                     0cm

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Coir Root Trainer Pots

These pots are compression moulded and highly useful in plantation crps such as rubber, coffee, tea etc. Highly porous(netted) pots will prevent the curling of both lateral and tap roots and thus plants get more fixation in the soil.

Available Sizes : 600 cc cups, 800 cc cups

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Coir Seedling Trays

Trays are made from 400 GSM fibre sheets and are highly porous. These are compression moulded and available for single seed planting by separating each cavity before planting.

Available sizes : 8 Cavity tray – 27cm x 13.5cm (Cavity Size 6.5cm x 6.5cm)

25 Cavity tray – 34cm x 34cm (Cavity Size 6.5cm x 6.5cm)


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Coir Hanging Basket

Coir hanging basket comes with epoxy metal hanger and coir fibre liner. Fibre liners are available with compression moulded and hand-made. Baskets are available in sizes from 10”, 12”, 14” and 16”.

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Coir Wall Basket

Compression moulded wall baskets made from 1000 GSM coir fibre sheets and are available in sizes :
10” 12” and 16”. Available in ready to use powder coated/epoxy cated metal holder. Ideal to be used in compound wall, exterior walls of houses, pillars, vertical garden etc.

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Coir Fibre Trays

This 5mm wall thick compression moulded trays are made from 1000 GSM fibre sheets and are used as sow-bed for germinating a bunch of seeds which require transplanting.

Available Size : 17” x 17” x 4”, 17” x 17” x 3”, 10” x 10” x 4”

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Coir Window Planters

These window planters are made from 1000 GSM coir fibre sheets, available in sizes (length) : 24”, 30”, 36”, 42”, 48”, 60” and 72”. These are ineneded to grow flowering plants in the outside of windows of house and flats, both sides of compound wall, and to fix on vertical garden.

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Coir Coco Pots

( Round type / Square Type)

These light weight pots are ideal for terrace-gardening and widely used for both floriculture and horticulture. Also available with epoxy coated metal holder and compression moulded fibre liner with ot without nylon net covering.

Available Sizes :

Round Pots : 15cm, 20cm, 25cm, 30cm ( top dia)

Square Pots : 15x15cm, 20x20cm, 25x25cm, 30x30cm, 35c35cm, 40x40cm

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Coir Plant Support

These fibre poles are made from coir, natural latex, treated rubber wood, polythene pipes, nylon nets etc. These poles are available in two types, ie single type and addable. As the top inner portion is made with polythene pipe, it can be add one by one according to the growth of the planet.

Available thickness : 38mm dia

Lenght : 40cm, 60cm, 80cm, 100cm and 110cm

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Coir Multicrop Basket

These multiple crop baskets includes powder/epoxy coated metal holder, fibre liner with net covering. Ideal for terrace gardening of pumpkins, cucumber etc and also for tendrils type vegetables if support can be done with this.

Available Size : 24”, 30”, 36”, 42” ( top dia)

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Coir Fibre Discs

These discs(tree mats) are made for cleaned coir fibre with natural latex.Widely used to protect plant base from a) direct sunligth and thus to reduce the evaporation from plant base b) ice falls and frosting in winter season. As the plant roots are protected from direct sunlight, growth of weeds are also prevented.

Available dia 13.5cm, 15cm, 20cm, 25cm, 30cm, 35cm, 40cm, 45cm, 50cm, 60cm, 90cm, 120cm and 150cm.

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Orchid Pots

Specially designed pots for promoting Orchid Cultivation with epoxy coated metal hangers and compressed coir fibre pots.

Available in two shapes ( round type & conical type), round shaped pots are available in diameter 15cm & 20cm.

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Coir Vertical Garden

This garden is ideal for floriculture, for those haven't sufficient space for gardening and also available with movable option in rotary wheels. The dimensions for the vertical garden can be customized and provided.

As plants are growing vertically, only minimal space is required for setting this type of garden. Easy to fit and and all metal parts are expoxy coated.

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Coir Pyramid Garden

Required only 6' x 4' space for gardening more than 100 plants movable on revolving wheels can set with window planters/wall baskets.

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Coir Chain Garden

Ideal for growing 40 plants, planted in wall baskets. Wall baskets with plants will hang in chain mounted on its stand, top arm etc are provided with rotating option

One unit consists of Single Base stand of 40cm x 40cm, insert type supporting stands, top arm, chain with holders, wall baskets with coir fibre liners. Easy to fit, no bolting required and all metal parts are epoxy coated.

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Coir Geo Textiles

Geo textiles made up of coir fibre yarn, woven into small and large sized meshes to prevent sil erosion.

Effectively keeping the soil in place through the heaviest of rains, gradually promoting the growth of vegetation over the years and finally, being biodegradable, disintegrating into the soil harmlessly.

Roll Size                             GSM         Weight per Roll         Capacity in 40ft high Cube
2m | 4m x 50m                    400            40kg                         24000
( Machine winding roll)        700            70kg                         14000
                                            900            90kg                         13000
2m | 4m x 50m                     400            40kg                         14000
(Hand winding roll)               700            70kg                         11000
                                             900            90kg                           9000

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Coir Logs

Coir logs are widely used as soil erosion protective products to protect the banks of river, to fix on the slops of mountains, to convert the sloppy surface to fertile lands.

This can be used as floating media in the sea by shipping salvage utility or near the oil rigs to control the oil spillage.

Log Size                      GSM               Weight per Roll
0.20cm x 1.5m             1200                7kg
0.20cm x 3m                  600               13kg
0.30mm x 3m                280                24kg

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Oxy+ Right Pots

Oxy+ Right Pot container is a recyclable, reusable growingsystem that actively enhancesthe quality of the root systems of plants. This pot nurtures non-spiralling root system that simply cannot be matched in any other growing container.

Oxy+ Right Pots are with the best Air Pruning System, comes in different sizes and in black color. Faster growing due to Air Pruning. Fibrous root formed due to Air pruning & takes more nutrients. 

All these advantages can be yours, by just using the Oxy+ Right Pots.

  • Improved Root Development with Oxygenation.
  • Improved nutrient uptake with plant quality.
  • Reduced crop time.
  • Reduced transplant shock.
  • Faster growth rate, Healthier plants & Higher yields.
  • Longer pot life.
  • Excess water is drained from bottom and avoid root rottening.
  • For Terrace Gardening of Vegetables and Fruit Trees.
  • For growing large tree species.
  • For Commercial Nurseries, landscaping as well as Household gardening.
  • Delivered flat, the pots are convenient to store, quick and easy to assemble.

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